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Al qaeda, isis, and operation cycleone internet archive. Alqaeda, broadbased militant islamist organization founded by osama bin laden in the late 1980s. Experts believe that al qaedas diverse statements contain calculated variations in tone and content that address or appeal to various target audiences. Alqaeda began as a logistical network to support muslims fighting against the soviet union during the afghan war.

By examining the captured al qaida documents through a historical lens, this paper asks different questions on the strategic evolution of al qaida. Copy have you ever wondered just how al qaeda vetted its new recruits prior to osama bin ladens death in 2011. This document is a standalone version of the alqaeda core case. It is therefore likely a strategic consideration for both joulani and zawahiri to ensure this network adheres to alqaeda as it evolves. I believe the tide has turned in terms of al qaeda. Following the fall of the taliban government in late 2001, intelligence agencies and the media scrambled to find documents and other information about al qaeda and its next potential targets. The new documents were entered as evidence in the federal trial of abid naseer, a pakistani national convicted of plotting with al qaeda to carry out a. The al qaeda reader available for download and read online in other formats.

In syria, the rise of jihadist organ izations was predictable given its history. The manual was found in a computer file described as the military series related to the declaration of jihad. Middle east and africa congressional research service summary after a more than a decade and a half of combating al qaeda aq in afghanistan and pakistan. Pdf the inner organizational structure of al qaeda within the expanded framework of the global. Due to the removal of the us army website, this paper refers to alqaida documents by the reference number. One was recovered by police in manchester england from the home of an alleged al qaeda member, and various versions of the encyclopaedia of the afghan jihad from al qaeda members arrested in asia, the middle east and europe. Brutal attacks on fellow muslims have tarnished its reputation, its leadership is. This document is a standalone version of the alqaeda core case study used in the independent assessment cna is publishing each of the eight case studies separately. The al qaeda manual the attached manual was located by the manchester england metropolitan police during a search of an al qaeda members home. The essential texts of osama bin ladens terrorist organization by raymond ibrahim. Its one of the documents that was found in osama bin ladens documents, declassified and released on wednesday. Facts about the terrorist network and its history of attacks before september 11, 2001, many americans knew little of al qaeda or its founder, osama bin laden.

Now, thanks to a set of documents released on wednesday. It is a stateless meaning without a country terrorist organization. The use of mandatory sanctions is intended to apply pressure on a state or entity to comply with the objectives set by the security council without resorting to the use of force. Kidnaping enemy personnel, documents, secrets, and arms.

Alqaeda after bin laden over the summer of 2012, alqaeda in the islamic maghreb and ansar dine, another radical islamist group, took advantage of the instability and an increasingly weak military in mali and captured timbuktu, kidal, and gao, cities in the north. They implemented and brutally enforced shariah, or islamic law. Al qaeda, trends in terrorism and future potentialities. This series is designed to pull together key documents necessary to develop a solid understanding of how alqaeda and other terrorist organizations operate. Al qaeda took credit for the attack on two black hawk helicopters during the battle of mogadishu in somalia in 1993, as well as the world trade center bombing in new york in 1993, and a car. Al qaedas organizational structure and its evolution article pdf available in studies in conflict and terrorism 3312. Pdf al qaedas organizational structure and its evolution. Al qaedas means and methods to raise, move, and use money. Gathers together the essential texts and documents that trace the origin, history, and evolution of the ideas of al qaeda founders ayman alzawahiri and osama bin ladenprovided by publisher. Pdf the al qaeda reader download full pdf book download. Al qaeda branches, such as aqap, have regularly used a similar banner. The focus of this report is on the history of al qaeda, known or attributed actions and suspected capabilities of the organization and nonaligned entities, and an analysis of select regional al qaeda affiliates. Now, for the first time, the al qaeda reader gathers together the essential texts and documents that trace the origin, history, and evolution of the ideas of alqaeda founders ayman alzawahiri and osama bin laden.

Freeing the brothers who are captured by the enemy. Al qaedas means and methods to raise, move, and use money there are two things a brother must always have for jihad, the self and money. This kashmirbased sunni pakistani group has historically directed its attacks at india. Blasting and destroying the places of amusement, immorality, and sin.

In contrast, the minutes from alqaedas first meetings in august 1988 are somewhat ambiguous about the groups specific objectives. Osama bin laden, founder of the militant islamist organization alqaeda and mastermind of numerous terrorist attacks against the united states and other western powers, including the september 11, 2001, attacks on the world trade center in new york city and the pentagon near washington, d. In july 2016, however, alqaeda leader ayman alzawahiri released an audio statement giving the nusra front formal permission to break ties with alqaeda if the link was conflicting with the nusra fronts unity and working as one body. In his early statements, for example, osama bin laden adopted a pseudonationalist tone in directly addressing the. The al qaeda reader should be required reading for any student of political science who wants to understand terrorism.

The attached manual was located by the manchester england. Al jemaah al islamiyyah the islamic group is a southeast asian group dedicated to bringing islamist rule to the area. Due to the removal of the us army website, this paper refers to al qaida documents by the reference number provided by west point as well as the translated title. The history of the tamil tigers sri lanka news al jazeera. The secret history of al qaeda book pdf presentation download abdel bari atwan. Are you a dedicated reader of fdds long war journal. Al qaeda aq is one of the most powerful terrorist organizations in the world. In their own words, al qaeda tells the western world why they are attacking western interests and what they want. Assassinating enemy personnel as well as foreign tourists. This chapter is largely based on al qaeda documents, including training manuals, the full translations of which i have seen. The united states suspects it of ties to al qaeda, but these seem tenuous on a large scale. A recent history of alqaida the historical journal. Al qaeda, cia, operation cyclone, usama bin laden ultimate.

In one of its documents released as far back as november 1998, it declared its resolve to work in solidarity with the various national liberation movements. Backgrounder the threat of new alqaeda leadership the case of syrias aljoulani une 30 2015 of a caliphate on june 29, 2014. The washington institute for near east policy research notes. Since 911, al qaeda has suffered a confusing mix of setbacks and advances. Search the history of over 424 billion web pages on the internet. The third strategic objective that elevating joulani to. And as ghaly made clear, he and his men remain in ayman al zawahiris camp. Author atwan, goes into details about the infamous al qaeda and documents the secret history of al qaeda emily l. Osama bin laden, and is thought to be losing the confidence of rankandfile members. The document, which has since been described by the fbi as the al qaeda training manual, was found in a. Spreading rumors and writing statements that instigate people against the enemy. The nusra front has a long and proven history of serving as alqaedas loyal affiliate in syria.

It was led and financed by osama bin laden, a radical sunni muslim. The basic research questions of this study can be divided into two sets. Like other totalitarian movements, the movements leaders have rationalized their brutality in a number of published treatises. National commission on terrorist attacks upon the united. Thomas joscelyn is a senior fellow at the foundation for defense of democracies and the senior editor for fdds long war journal. National commission on terrorist attacks upon the united states 2 chapter 1 introduction and executive summary introduction after the september 11 attacks, the highestlevel u. Alqaeda responded to the presence of united states armed forces in the gulf and the arrest, conviction and imprisonment in the united states of persons belonging to alqaeda by issuing fatwahs indicating that attacks against u. By examining the captured alqaida documents through a historical lens, this paper asks different questions on the strategic evolution of alqaida. Alqaidas misadventures in the horn of africa draws on recently declassified documents captured by the defense department about alqaidas first coalescence as an organization primarily from 19921994, original field work by ctc personnel, and careful country studies. How alqaeda survived drones, uprisings,and the islamic state.

Osama bin laden biography, alqaeda, terrorist attacks. Some invoke the global jihadist rhe toric of al qaeda or isis, while others are. A strategic history of hayat tahrir alshams formation. Al qaeda al qaeda training manual inside the terror. Dec 21, 2017 a former cia tracker shares the fine art of ferreting out fugitives. The focus of this report is on the history of al qaeda, known or. Alqaedas founding documents make clear that alqaeda leaders prioritized building a coherent and resilient organization. Al qaeda and affiliates congressional research service summary al qaeda aq has evolved into a significantly different terrorist organization than the one that.

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