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Peoples war peoples army marxists internet archive. This meant that many in north vietnam volunteered to fight. The vietcong forced people to join the army starting at age, which was crazy, and hard for the americans to kill the kids which gave the vietcong another advantage. The tactics and methods of the north vietnamese and viet cong. President johnson ordered the bombing of strategic military targets in north vietnam, including air raids on the capital city, hanoi, and bases and supply routes for the vietcong. Km5848 rm5849 rm5850 rm5851 rm5852 rm611 rm63751 vidocument of an elite viet cong delta unit. In the early 60s they grew rapidly and by 1964, totaled over. Vietcong and us war tactics by mimi smitsy on prezi.

With regard to the broad range of techniques used by the viet cong in south vietnam, the. They were fighting for communism and the reunification of vietnam. Vietcong stay as close as possible to us soldiers so that air support and artillery cannot be used without killing their own men. After the airstrikes, one poll showed that johnsons approval rating on his handling of vietnam jumped from 41 percent to 60 percent. Military tactics used by the usa and the vietcong in vietnamin during the vietnam war there were two main sides other countries were involved, giving financial support etc. The vietcong were masters of what is known as guerrilla warfare or guerrilla tactics during the conflict in vietnam. Along with that came napalm bombs which caused dreadful burns to thousand of innocent civilians. The vietcong or vietnamese communists, were part of a political and military organization that was established in 1960 and consisted of the national liberation front nlf and the peoples. Common tactics used by the us forces and the vietcong guerillas during the war. How guerrilla tactics were better than those used by the us troops. This is a moving if rather nsive account of life as a vietnamese revolutionary, written by one of the vietcongs highestranking leaders who is now in exile in the west.

The vietcong main troops thought they were all professional soldiers and the local vietcong soldiers were not that confident about themselves. The vietcong relied on hit and run tactics and were able to improvise solutions to the problem of lack of supplies. The name is said to have first been used by south vietnamese pres. Third part of a short clip series about the vietnam war. Explain why the vietcong adopted guerrilla warfare tactics during the conflict in south vietnam. What military tactics were used by vietcong and how did us troops respond. Most of which stemmed from the fact that the could effectively utilise their surroundings to entrap, evade and destroy the allies from a positions which were. The crude and effective guerrilla small arms of the vietnam war. Knowing that vietnamese soldiers were often very young, from ages 14, they need to find a way. Explain why the vietcong adopted guerrilla warfare tactics. There were many reasons why the vietcong adopted guerilla tactics against the allies.

How successful were the military tactics used by the vietcong. The local residents created the traps more to frighten off intruders that were coming into their village. Vietnamese tactics local citizens in villages assisted their army and built their own bombs and traps for the viet cong. In contrast to this, the americans used tactics such as search and destroy which heavily increased support for the vietcong due to the ridiculous amount of damage and unnecessary casualties of the peasants. The viet cong had many different traps ranging from spiked pits to trip wires. It clearly shows their tactics, basically simple 16th century old ways to kill you or at least screw your day.

Strengths and weaknesses of both sides oxnotes gcse revision. The conventional warfare tactics and bombardments of us were ineffective against the hitand run guerilla warfare of the viet cong. North vietnam used conscription to maintain the size of the army. The story of a marine grunt in the first battle of khe sanh april 1967 duration. The contrast between the two sides in the vietnam war could hardly have been greater. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Beginning with a description of the terrain, climate and the unique nature of operations in this theatre of war, the author, a vietnam veteran himself, goes on to explain how unit organisation was broken down by combatant forces and the impact this had on the kind of tactics. It may be release to the ctoerlnghouie, department of commerce, tar tele to the genera public.

Later in the vietnam war, the viet cong primarily used the type 53 carbine m44, the type 56 sks, the type 56 ak47, shown and the k50 from china and north vietnam. His political philosophy was a not entirely intelligible blend of. Trailer the vietcong tunnels and cu chi booby traps primary source personal experience sources united states troops briefing video. American military tactics vs vietcongs tactics prezi. How effective were the vietcong tactics in the vietnam war. There was the arvn army of the republic of vietnam and the u. They used the ho chi minh trail through laos and cambodia. Who were the vietcong and what were their tactics powerpoint. With a mechanism probably inspired by the british sten, this almost toylike, greenpainted submachine gun was. This is a double lesson focusing on the vietcongs tactics in the vietnam war, for the new aqa gcse specification. Military tactics used by the usa and the vietcong in vietnamin. Click the button below to get instant access to this resource for use in the classroom or at a home. The demolition platoon of the 514th battalion part one.

This video was shown to all of the troops in america before heading out to war in vietnam. Both of these tactics were used greatly throughout the war. How effective were the guerrilla tactics of the viet cong history plan what tactics the viet cong used against usarvn troops. They could blend in with and move through the local terrain much better than u.

Ospreys study of the evolving us, viet cong and nva tactics at battalion level and below throughout the vietnam war 19551975. They were training grounds, logistics centers and headquarters. If youre talking about military success, then their tactics really cant be called successful. Theses tactics included a strategic and ingenious way of attacking the enemy, referred to as hit and run this tactic was a contrast with the americans search and destroy. These are flashcards for all 7 vc tactics that were used effectively in the vietnam war. Operation rolling thunder that began with dropping millions of explosive bombs on north vietnam and ho chi minh trail. Beginning with a description of the terrain, climate and the unique nature of operations in this theater of war, author gordon rottman, a vietnam veteran himself, goes on to explain how unit organization was broken down by combatant forces and the impact this. The present study deals with the political activities of viet cong and north vietnamese forces among the population in saigon and its environs during the tet offensive of february 1968, and with some of the popular reactions to viet cong behavior at t.

The vietcongs tactics and technology in the vietnam war. Peoples war, peoples army marxists internet archive. The fighting tactics used by the viet cong during the vietnam war were. Tactics and objectives during the tet offensive author. Viet cong vc, in full viet nam cong san, english vietnamese communists, the guerrilla force that, with the support of the north vietnamese army, fought against south vietnam late 1950s1975 and the united states early 1960s1973.

Tactics and objectives during the tet offensive, v. Two days later, the american 1st brigade and a battalion of the 173rd airborne are attacked by a vietcong regiment, which is. Powered by pimpedfusion 2009 2020 powered by phpfusion. Pupils start by considering the sizes of the american and vietnam forces, and the impact this has on tactics. The war was the second of two major conflicts that was spread all throughout indochina. Tactical and materiel innovations army center of military history. They pursued strategies that seemed designed to produce neither a victory nor a.

The usa, despite winning the tet offensive from a attritional standing, had lost much of their experienced soldiers other the course of the war, so public support began to fade. They based their strategies and tactics on those used by mao zedongthe communist leader in china. The vietcong, following the example of chinese guerillas before them, had always given the highest priority to creating safe base areas. Moreover, per the oed, the guerrilla was an english usage as early as 1809, describing the fighters, not only their tactics e. Divisions between the three are based pred ominantly on the great wars of the 19 th century, especially within the. For example the venus fly trap was a pit that had harpoon shaped spears that impaled victims legs as they fell, each time they tried to get out the spears would continue to tear their legs apart. The us and the rvn republic of vietnam were against the southernbased revolutionary movement known as the viet cong. The united states air tactits frustrated by lack of success on the ground, the us tried to win the war from the air. It actually really depends on your definition of success. As this is being written, early in 1970, the socalled vietnamization process is well under way in south vietnam. How effective were the vietcongs guerrilla tactics. The 272nd regiment of the vietcong 9th division attack a battalion of the american 3rd brigade at lo ke. The reason for the american involvement in the war was to prevent the spread of communism. Thoroughly disillusioned, the author describes how hanoi used southern bourgeois revolutionaries to overthrow the saigon government and then quickly shunted them aside after victory.

All of these factors added up to increasing fear for the americans and a winning war effort on part of the northvietnamese and the vietcong. Established at the end of 1960, the vc was created by the north vietnamese communists to escalate the armed struggle in south vietnam. The peoples liberation armed forces plaf, more popularly known as the viet cong vc, was the military arm of the national liberation front nlf. Throughout the vietnam war, the americans used many tactics to defeat the vietcong. Download who were the vietcong and what were their tactics. Recruits were young teenagers, many of them were motivated to fight by idealism, but others were pressures or. The guerrilla tactics of the vietcong were very effective for a number of reasons. How the viet cong dealt with the decisions made by the us troops. Vietcong strategy of terror 12 empirical studies of. This book reveals the evolving us, viet cong and nva tactics at battalion level and below throughout the vietnam war. Why were the military tactics of the vietcong so successful. Peoples war, peoples army vo nguyen giap original title.

The vietcong did not win a single major battle above divisional sized in the entire vietnam w. Two regional command centers were merged to create the central office for south. The vietnamese communists, or vietcong, were the military branch of the national. Key vietcong tactics guerilla war hanging onto the belts the ho chi minh trail guerilla means the vietcong used unusual tactics using in depth knowledge of local surroundings to defeat the enemy both physically and psychologically. Nlf and pavn battle tactics comprised a flexible mix of guerrilla and conventional warfare battle tactics used by the main force of the peoples liberation armed forces known as the national liberation front or viet cong in the west and the nva peoples armyvietnam to defeat their u. This article has been split from the article viet cong for reasons discussed at talk. How effective were the guerrilla tactics of the viet cong. Two of the tactics used were search and destroy and defoliation. The vietcong was a highly organized operation with control centers hidden throughout south vietnam that were. The vietcong vc used guerilla tactics, otherwise known as guerilla warfare. The vietcong begins to attack bases where american advisers stationed in south vietnam. They also fought a lot at night wearing dark clothes so the usas military wouldnt see them and because vietcongs knew their way around the jungles more than the usa, the usas army were. Background the war in vietnam lasted from the mid 1950s 1975.

A common bomb created was often built with old, dormant american bombs which were scattered of the vietnam countryside. The vietcong used tunnel systems to travel and live underground and to never be seen. The vietcongs tactics were by such things as making dummy paths of the ho chi min trail when they had hidden the real ones with traps on the dummy ones. The us forces relied on high technology weaponry and massive firepower, particularly air strikes and carpet bombing of vietcong bases.

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